Wave Yoga For Women

shauna adelaide beach 32 weeks pregoWave Yoga for Women™ is a sacred support system honouring menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. This is a lunar vinyasa flow class focusing on specific postures (asanas) and techniques to cultivate and strengthen the reproductive system, create space in the body, and honour natural rhythms of the female cycle.

Historically, yoga was created by men for men’s bodies but today, yoga is dominated by women (83% of 20 million yoga practitioners in US are women, Yoga Journal 2012). The beauty of yoga is that it is not just a physical practice. Yoga is a holistic system that eases the mind, increases prana (life force) in the body, and balances hormones.

Wave Yoga for Women™ is  intended for women of all ages and designed to honour the different phases and cycles of a woman’s life. Open to prenatal clients. In-joy a sacred space to relax, restore and rejuvenate.

women yoga