About Wave YogaTM

WAVE YOGA™ is a fluid vinyasa style, inspired by the healing properties and elements of water: flowing, buoyant, circular, rhythmic, primal, purifying and nourishing.

Our bodies are more than 70% water. When we begin to practice yoga in a way that honours this, we transform stiffness of body and mind and develop flexibility (Shiva Rea).

WAVE YOGA™ offers beginners an opportunity to settle into yoga practice and challenges advanced practitioners to deepen their yoga experience. Classes are infused with movement meditation, yoga practices reflecting the four elements, music, dance, and fun!

What is different about students who practice Wave Yoga™?  Students begin to invoke grace in the flow. Instead of “achieving” or “attaining” a pose, it unfolds…as do the “layers” of our physical-emotional-spiritual lives.

We offer a unique cycle of programs to support women, families, and create community:

Wave Yoga for Women™, Prenatal Wave Yoga™,  Sahaja Birth Preparation™, Mums & Bubs Wave Yoga™, Toddler Wave Yoga™, Kids Wave Yoga™, as well as teacher training, workshops, private sessions, and specialized courses.

The way we practice yoga is the way we move through life.

When we live in the flow, we become creative, spontaneous, adaptable, and more rooted in our life purpose.

Wave Yoga™ brings us back to our natural rhythm. In life, everything comes in waves ~ our experiences, our relationships, our pain/sorrow/fear, our elation/happiness/joy, the sunrise and sunset, the seasons, a set of waves coming onshore, the crescendo of a song, the cycle of life…birth and death.

WAVE YOGA™ is a celebration of our waves, our lives, our connection with each other.


Shauna Slingsby