Sahaja Birth Preparation

sahaja = natural spontaneous simple innate union

the 3rd trimester offers women time to reflect and make empowered decisions to create the birth experience they desire. the sahaja birth preparation course evolved as a way to support women through this journey. this course is for women who desire a gentle birth for themselves and their baby, want to learn about process of birth, and are curious about the innate wisdom of a woman’s body to birth without fear

shauna’s sahaja birth preparation™ course in adelaide covers:

  • yoga poses for third trimester
  • sahaja yoga birth dance
  • birthing positions & breathing techniques
  • meditation & birth visualization
  • natural birthing techniques, hormone physiology, waves of labour, & partner support
  • models of care and making the right decisions for you and your baby

a note from Shauna:

birth moment B7Wthe birth of my daughter, my third child, transformed my life. i always had the training, the knowledge, and the wisdom to birth naturally, simply, without complications, but the universe had other plans. i had challenges with the birth of my first two children, as many women do these days, because of the models of care we are offered in the western world. with the birth of my daughter, i was determined to create an environment where a gentle birth could unfold and where i would have the freedom to make the decisions.

three days before the birth of my daughter, when i was entering that sacred “sahaja” space, i knew everything was as it should be, and all i had to do was stay connected to my baby and my own inner voice. i was lucky this time to have a loving, compassionate, experienced, and quiet midwife who shared the space with me at home on a lovely spring evening at sunset when the color of the sky was orange, pink, yellow and blue all at the same time.

the short painless blissful labour i experienced is something i envision ALL women having. it allowed me to be grateful for and to heal from my previous birth experiences so that i could share this wisdom with other women.


"I felt a reconnection with my inner 'knowledge'..."

The birth of my first daughter in 2011 was a beautiful experience, but involved a lot of pain. I felt totally out of control and left alone by my midwife and doctors. When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I started reliving my first birthing experience and became very frightened. This is when Shauna came in and helped me prepare for my second birthing experience. She taught me about "ecstatic birthing": about all the hormones that are involved during the delivery of a child and the importance of feeling safe and secure. I started realizing that fear (adrenaline) causes delay in delivery and makes the pain worse as is suppresses oxytocin. Shauna also suggested I listen to a meditation daily that helped me relax and regain the trust that my body is actually able to birth. Even though I had already birthed a child, I did not trust my own body anymore to be able to give birth...

This time, I felt a reconnection with my inner "knowledge" and just followed my own instincts, rather than listening to everyone else telling me how to push my baby into this world. Right now, six weeks after the experience, I keep on trying to relive the birth of my second daughter because it was such a beautiful and healing experience. Through Shauna's help I have been able to reconnect with my inner feminine power! Shauna knows a lot about the birthing process and has helped me understand what happened during my first experience. This way, I could effectively prepare for the delivery of my second daughter. I loved that Shauna shared her own experiences with me too, because as a mother of three, she really knows what she is talking about. Her story was a big inspiration. Shauna really has a passion and talent for helping pregnant women!