What Students Are Saying

Shauna's class released my joy of life and movement

Being a part of Shauna's yoga class released my joy of life and movement.  The poses flowed beautifully and Shauna wove in her knowledge of Ayurveda (yoga's sister science) to deepen my connections to my whole being: physical, mental and energy body thus creating the union that is truly Yoga.  Thank you Shauna!
Jacqueline Iles
Living Ayurveda | Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Teacher

"Highly recommended!"

I attended shauna’s prenatal and birth prep yoga class for fitness and preparation for the birth of my son during the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy. I was suffering with terrible pelvic pain during this time and the class really gave me some relief as well as allowing me to stay active, painlessly! I was keen to take my birth as it came but really wanted to try it naturally and drug free. Shauna’s guidance with breathing and isolating my pelvic floor muscles for labour was incredibly helpful in helping me achieve this.

I'm now doing mums and bubs yoga and will be back again with baby number two. Highly recommended!

Megan K

"...a lovely space to be in."

Yoga brings me to the present, and I can observe my body and mind without judgement, which is a lovely space to be in. Shauna facilitates this so well, and inclusively of the toddlers that join us mums. Sometimes us mums take care of their needs and sometimes we involve them in the yoga, which means they are generally content and engaging in the yoga head-space too. Happily, the session doesn't push me past the energy levels I have and leaves me able to be active with my toddler for the rest of the day rather than tired. This is all planned for very skillfully by Shauna who is flexible to what the mums and toddlers need that day. Also, we get tips for ways to continue our practice at home.

I love the bit at the end where we get a chance to go around the circle, talk about a baby topic (often sleep related 🙂 and just let it all out or ask for advice.

Thanks, Shauna, for your dedication, community-mindedness and insight.


"I never had a moment of doubt..."

Shauna, I loved the birth experience I had for my beautiful boy, your endless support certainly helped me through. I used all your pain relief skills and I can honestly say that throughout the labour I never had a moment of doubt about whether or not I could handle it. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with me, you are amazing! See you at mums & bubs!


Shauna offers a haven for fun and relaxation

In Mums & Bubs Yoga, Shauna offers a haven for fun and relaxation. She has taught me how to adapt my yoga practice to my new life as a mum and how to include bubs so we can enjoy yoga as a family! What she offers is unique and inspiring, one of a kind in Adelaide....


"I felt a reconnection with my inner 'knowledge'..."

The birth of my first daughter in 2011 was a beautiful experience, but involved a lot of pain. I felt totally out of control and left alone by my midwife and doctors. When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I started reliving my first birthing experience and became very frightened. This is when Shauna came in and helped me prepare for my second birthing experience. She taught me about "ecstatic birthing": about all the hormones that are involved during the delivery of a child and the importance of feeling safe and secure. I started realizing that fear (adrenaline) causes delay in delivery and makes the pain worse as is suppresses oxytocin. Shauna also suggested I listen to a meditation daily that helped me relax and regain the trust that my body is actually able to birth. Even though I had already birthed a child, I did not trust my own body anymore to be able to give birth...

This time, I felt a reconnection with my inner "knowledge" and just followed my own instincts, rather than listening to everyone else telling me how to push my baby into this world. Right now, six weeks after the experience, I keep on trying to relive the birth of my second daughter because it was such a beautiful and healing experience. Through Shauna's help I have been able to reconnect with my inner feminine power! Shauna knows a lot about the birthing process and has helped me understand what happened during my first experience. This way, I could effectively prepare for the delivery of my second daughter. I loved that Shauna shared her own experiences with me too, because as a mother of three, she really knows what she is talking about. Her story was a big inspiration. Shauna really has a passion and talent for helping pregnant women!


"When she said she was going to get it done….it was done….and beyond!"

It was only with shauna's help as managing goddess of twee yoga that our three year yoga tour was such a success. as a manager, she went the extra leaps and bounds to offer initiatives that could help me (and our global team of 5) to do what i do best…share my passion of yoga traveling to a different country every ten days to teach trainings, workshops, festivals, and conferences world-wide. i always knew that she attended to the priorities of the days, weeks, months, years so everything was as smooth as it was…even with minimal direction from me. blessings to shauna (and amazing women like her) who can juggle family and business life the way she does...in the Flow. when she said she was going to get it done….it was done….and beyond!

"My internship with Shauna invoked great breakthroughs in my own practice and teaching."

Shauna showed me the way to my own creative source. My internship with Shauna invoked great breakthroughs in my own practice and teaching. I discovered how I can use my body's intelligence as the base for my classes and let people experience the beauty of spontaneous movement.


"I always leave her classes with a smile."

Shauna is a peace maker! She not only gives me peace of mind (and body!) with her perfectly balanced, heartwarming classes, she also makes me realise why I do yoga: to bring some peace into the world. And that's why I always leave her classes with a smile ^_^
Thanks Shauna!


"Shauna shows me the way to my appropriate edge."

Shauna shows me the way to my appropriate edge. Calming my striving mind and bring me right back to where i am at that moment. Making me more aware en opening me up for interesting insights. Bringing me from a beautiful asana practice right into a blissful savasana.
Thank you! Marjolein


"I always come out feeling revived and energized."

I LOVE Shauna's classes. I always come out feeling revived and energized, but mostly; at peace. Shauna's presence and good instruction really make a difference. There is a certain playfulness that she smoothly integrates into the wonderful flow. Thank you!:) Lotte


"... the classes were warm, friendly, fun and relaxed."

your 'Prenatal' class was a great physical preparation for giving birth and helped my body to recover very quickly afterwards. I came out of each class feeling like I had just done my body a huge favour. Not only that, the classes were warm, friendly, fun and relaxed. It was an opportunity to also share such a huge experience with other women going through the same things... and I love that we dance around the room with our babies in your 'Mommies and Me' classs! Every week is different and every baby at a different stage and changing so fast. I'm learning to do yoga with my baby and he's always really happy during the class. As a new mother, pretty tired and adjusting to a whole new life, it really is the highlight of my week!


"I experience a sort of 'elevation'..."

Thank you for all your inspirational classes.,,my practice went to a higher level. In your classes, I experience a sort of "elevation" (don't know the right word, "diepgang" in Dutch). It felt so healing. Thank you for seeing me truely. That's a rare gift. Namaste Meike


"Your classes unleash my inner flow."

Your classes unleash my inner flow. You are playful and free..I never feel pushed to be more or do better than I am/ feel at that moment.
I feel blessed you have crossed my path.
Blessings, Ayra


"... liberating and joyous at the same time..."

I’m always happy when Tuesday afternoon arrives and I’m able to follow one of Shauna’s Yoga Flow Classes. Her care for her students and joy of yoga shines through when she lets us experiences the different waves of yoga. It feels liberating and joyous at the same time since her classes emphasize freedom from rigidity that may develop from the challenging experiences we face on a daily basis. She makes us ‘dance’ freely to music that adds to the feeling of connection with all bodies. Both physical, emotional and spiritual. She teaches from her heart which provides a loving basis for insight, challenge, growth and pleasure. And every time the class is over I leave with a beautiful piece of wisdom that becomes an object of meditation and reflection.


"She gets the yoga juice flowing again!"

For me Shauna's classes are the reason I love yoga so much. The way Shauna moves her class through original sequencing, wrapped in a package filled with music and imagery - through lyrics or subtle choice of words - is a unique yoga experience and gift, every single time! She is a big inspiration. And whenever I find myself 'in a yoga dip', since I am just starting out as a yoga teacher, she gets the yoga juice flowing again!


"... my heart, mind and body have been awakened."

You are a beautiful soul and i was blessed to meet you. Since starting your classes my heart, mind and body have been awakened. You have filled my heart with compassion, my mind with positive affirming beliefs and my body feels challenged, energized and balanced. And i know that all things are possible. Thank you SHAUNA.


"Your Birth Prep sessions were fabulous…"

Thank you Shauna. I feel well prepared physically, mentally and emotionally (for birth) and am actually looking forward to the birth rather than being nervous about it. Even my chiro was impressed with the state of my back recently considering how late I am into the pregnancy! Your Birth Prep sessions were fabulous… I don’t think I would have gained this knowledge anywhere else such as understanding the process of labor and I particularly enjoyed learning about the hormones involved and visualizing the birth process.


"... her yoga practice unleashes new realities in me."

Shauna inspired me on my yoga journey to do a teacher training. The creativity in her yoga practice unleashes new realities in me. It makes me find possibilities I didn't even know existed. Her yoga flow makes me connect to my inner self, afterwards I carry this feeling out into the world, reaching out freely. A feeling to be grateful for! Anna